Anthony McLin

Web Links and SEO

I've turned on another feature on this site. A list of links to various outside resources and websites that I frequent regularily. You can get to them from the "links" item on the menu. I also turned on "Search Engine Optimization" (SEO) in Joomla! which makes the addresses of any given page a bit more legible:


Previously a URL might look like:


Now would look like:,com_weblinks/catid,2/Itemid,6/


While to the visitor, it may seem no more comprehensible, it actually is much simpler for search engines to parse, meaning that its more likely that search engines will be able to navigate and index the pages. It also lays the groundwork to be able to later switch out for even easier to understand urls. For example, with some code modification and additional components installed, I could have the URL look like this:


While I'm not quite to this level of SEO yet, this example should show how much more optimized and user-friendly the result will be. 


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