Anthony McLin


New template going into effect. It's still a beta, but it should give a decent feel for the way the site design is going.
I am slowly figuring out the Mambo engine. It's pretty robust, but has some annoying little 'features' that require funky work-arounds. I have a template under development, and its now robust enough (I think) to launch. It's still in fairly early beta state (v0.5b) and is going to require some extensive tweaking and modification still. All it does so far is some of the very basic page layout. Article layout, text styles, etc, are all things on the to-do list.

Special thanks on this template goes to Nifty Corners which uses javascript to write a bunch of CSS elements directly to the browser to generate rounded corners for various elements. What's nice about this is that it doesn't require the use of images for the corners and doesn't depend on the rounded box being a particular size. It also lets you pick which corners of a given element you want to round. The only thing missing is the ability to define the size of the rounded corners beyond the default 2 size variations for the radius; both are quite small.

I had also spent some considerable time trying to keep the top and bottom portions of the main content area fixed in your browser window, so when you used the scrollbar, text would move, but the rounded orange header and footer would be locked at the top and bottom, like the black borders on your car's windshield. Unfortuneately, because Internet Explorer is broken and doesn't support standards, the hacks to make it work in IE restricted me from using other layout configurations (like centering for example).

Another cool little thing is how I did the title of the site - the way it splits as two different colors to match the transition for the orange rounded header over the background. Its done using only CSS, no images, and even works on several older browsers (at least all the ones I was able to try). Maybee I'll write an article on it at some point to explain how it was done.

So, the point is, I'm getting this page up and running... and I hope it will be a success.

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