Anthony McLin

Snow Leopard

Point Loma Lighthouse

So there's been lots and lots of chatter on the web as to whether Apple's newest OS - Snow Leopard (10.6) - is worth the $29 upgrade price. Well, for me it is. I installed the other day and am pleasantly satisfied. Sure, there's very very little in UI improvements, but the rewrite of the finder using Cocoa, and extended 64bit support throughout the system has resulted in a system that is much faster overall. Applications launch noticeably faster, Finder operations respond to user input quicker, and network home syncing is much more stable.

Aside from it breaking my Apache config (as just about every OSX update does) it's been a good update for me and well worth the inexpensive cost. And I like the fact that PPC support is completely dropped. Rosetta was a complete waste of system resources for the kind of work I do. Now if only Java was faster I could get back to some web development work in Eclipse....

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