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Screencast: Run the ARE Practice Exams on your Mac

In this screencast, I show you how to install and run the ARE Practice Exam software on your Mac in under 20 minutes. No extra software to buy. No old copies of Windows to dig up. No need to run Windows at all.

The ARE practice software only works on 32 bit versions of Windows Vista or earlier. NCARB has not updated the software in years, and seems to show no interest on helping people practice on modern computers. But you don't have a PC, or your PC is too new to run the old versions of Windows. What to do?

Run it on your Mac!

There's a few ways of running the software on your Mac

  1. Bootcamp - Lets you reboot your computer between your Windows and Mac desktops. Requires a legitimate copy of Windows XP or Vista which are no longer available for sale.
  2. Parallels - Lets you run a Windows and Mac desktop simultatenously. $70 and requires a legitimate copy of Windows XP or Vista which are no longer available for sale.
  3. A completely free solution using Wine. This screencast shows you how.

In this screencast I show you how to install XCode, X11 and WineBottler, and then how to package up the ARE Practice exam software so it will run on your Mac.

What you need:

Follow the screencast and soon you too can practice for your exams!

Note for Lion and Snow Lion Users - X11 is already installed on your computer, and you can download XCode through the Mac App Store


omg, i was seriously freaking out when my bootcamp showed me the notorious BSOD. googled, found your wife's post, and found you. the program works beautifully, and now i can prepared tomorrow's exam. yes, i was really really in panic. thanks a lot!!!!

- Kate (not verified)

Winebottler worked just as you said, and I chose the correct prefix .exe (Menu...). The app was created. But when I go to open the app, nothing happens. What is wrong?

I have OS X Mavericks.

- Ryan (not verified)

Ryan, I haven't been able to run this on Mavericks yet, but try downloading and using the older version of WineBottler (v1.4) as I suggested in a previous comment.

- Anthony McLin

This is Great!!! Thank you.

I did this last night and it works great except for the spacebar, which switches between the programmatic requirements and the drawing program.

Has anyone else had this problem (same problem on the pc with using the 32 bit on 64bit.)
Is there a way around it with wine?

If not this is still a HUGE help.

- les (not verified)

I've noticed the spacebar on mine isn't working... it's the same problem installing the vignette on a win x64 machine. Is there a way around this with Wine?

Overall everything else works great. Thanks

- les (not verified)

This was such a helpful tool! Thanks for taking time to create the tutorial.

- Amy (not verified)


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