Anthony McLin

Peterson Wozniak Inc. (R2)

The design for has been changed. Visually similar to the original, but functionaly very different, this site presented a great opportunity to play with some code development to make display and updates easier.In this second iteration of, substantial changes were made. The whole codebase for the site needed to be redeveloped from the ground up. Changes were made to keep the design more consistent accross the site, and to integrate the dynamic portfolio into the main page, instead of as a seperate popup. As much as possible, text that was previously image based was changed to be generated by code. This will make the site much more accessable to alternative browsers, and should substantially help the site in ranking higher in search engines. It also should make updates and future changes to the codebase much easier. Furthermore, the graphical layout of the site was redeveloped utilizing CSS whenever possible. This seperates the content from the layout, allowing either to be changed with minimal trouble.

Technologies utilized:
  • CSS
  • ASP

Development Software:
  • Adobe Photoshop CS
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver MX2004

Entry Page for

    Sample Portfolio Page for


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