Anthony McLin

New Feature - Script Downloads

I'm proud to announce that I have the first of several new features in place on this site. I have implemented remository, a file management system, so that I can offer downloads of the various tools, utilities, and scripts that I've developed. There is still some styling to account for, but the basic functionality is in place.


The first thing I'm making available is my NetRender Low Priority script that I created for 3DStudio Max. This is the first script I ever created for Max and fundametally it is quite simple. It just runs a check when Max is started to see if it is running in Server mode or not. If it is in Server mode, then it sets Max to run as a low priority system task, which means the user of the computer can easily work on other things while Max is rendering. It's a very usefull script that is deployed across all the 3D workstations at my office. It's had several thousand downloads at scriptspot before their revamp. 


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