Anthony McLin

NetRender Low Priority

When network rendering - 3DSMax defaults to 'normal' priority unless you set it otherwise. This script tells max to run in low priority (so that the system doesn't completely lockup) but ONLY when network rendering. If Max is launched normally by a user - it wont be affected.


To install this script - simply place in the \scripts\startup folder in your 3DStudio directory. This script should work on Max versions 5 and up and versions 4 and up for Viz. Whether this works on previous versions is unknown.


3DStudio Max 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 (32bit and 64bit)
3DStudio Viz 4 or later

Download Files: 


what I always looked for since Vray

- crystough (not verified)

file not found... i love this script, and would love to use it again



- Cliff Brannon (not verified)

Yep .. the link is dead, but it's just one line of code:

if isnetserver() do sysinfo.maxpriority = #low

Hope the author doesn't mind me sharing it.

- An (not verified)

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