Anthony McLin

J-AMFPHP v 0.3.2

AMFPHP is a library to expose object-oriented PHP methods and functions to Flash through a binary data stream similar to XML-RPC.

J-AMFPHP adds this functionality to Joomla and exposes the Joomla API to Flash developers.

This release is not backwards compatible with previous releases of J-AMFPHP. This release comes in two parts. The Core Component installs AMFPHP 1.9b2 and the Flash-based service browser. The second part, the Directory Service Plugin, allows the service browser to actually browse the AMFPHP services that are installed. Both the component and the plugin must be installed for the Service Browser to work. This version incorporates some features planned for later releases that were deemed to be necessary earlier than anticipated. The roadmap has been updated to reflect this, and it explains why I'm skipping v 0.2

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I'm trying to use the j-amfphp on a joomla2.5 site. Would you consider consultant work updating this code to support the amfphp2.0 codebase and joomla2.5?

- Robert Watson (not verified)

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