Anthony McLin

Facelift (FLIR) 1.2 now available on github

In the past I've written about Facelift Image Replacement (FLIR), a technology for providing fonts to web pages when visitors don't have the font installed. Unfortunately, the project homepage no longer exists, and the author Cory Mawhorter doesn't seem to have moved it anywhere else.

Since the project was released under a GPL 2.0 license, I've rebuilt version 1.2 (the latest copy I had) from source code within a project I was working on. I've made it publicly available as a repository on GitHub.

Overall this project probably should be replaced by CSS directives using @font-face and webfonts, but in case you need it, I wanted to make sure it was available.

Facelift has a fairly simple structure. When a page loads, Javascript fires to detect blocks of text that should be replaced. It then replaces those blocks of text with images that come from a PHP generator. The beauty is that it caches the images on the PHP side so they can be reused for other visitors.

Download Facelift (FLIR) 1.2 from GitHub

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