Anthony McLin

Completed websites!

I forgot to mention that I finished the website for the architecture firm Starr Design Group. You can view it here.

I also have completed a website for photographer Brian Thomas Jones. It
is viewable here.

At the office I am working on a couple of very complex 3D models of huge homes we are designing, complete with landscapes. I'm also working on a very intensive rebuild of our company website. I'm also starting the process to rebuild the website for I-Grace it will be as big and robust as our own. Which means a lot of heavy coding for custom web application features.

I will be picking up some more film tomorrow that I've had floating around and haven't gotten developed yet. There should be some great photos coming soon!

One last update for today, I have been elected to the Position of Secretary for the Andronicus Alumni Association. That means I am an executive board member of a California corporation!

On a side note, check out my ebay auctions:

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