Wow, this is turning out to be much more succesful than I ever imagined. My LightLister for VRay has reached over 3000 downloads. The newest release has had over 450 downloads in just a couple weeks. I never expected this of my little script.


I have had some bugs reported to me regarding using it in conjunction with RPM Manager. I'm looking into them. It appears that if you put a VRay Light in an RPM Manager grouping, there will be a script error if you launch the light lister. I'm hoping there is a workaround 

VRay Light Lister 1.5 now available

So, now that the final release of VRay 1.5 is out, I've gone ahead and updated my Light Lister. Version 1.5 is now available for download. The two new features are:

  • Checkbox added for Affect Reflections for VRay Lights
  • Checkbox added for Shadows for VRay Lights 

VRay Light Lister 1.5

This script replaces the built-in light lister with one that incorporates support for VRay Lights and VRay Suns.

VRay 1.5 is out!

So I've been spending the the last few days in San Diego attending SIGGRAPH 2007. Last night was the ChaosGroup event. Announced was the final release of VRay 1.5. No more beta!


At the event someone asked about having the VRay lights show up in 3D Studio's Light Lister. This gave me the perfect opportunity to plug my VRay Light Lister.


Now that VRay 1.5 is finalized, I'll need to go through and take another look at the light lister code, especially since there's some new features added to the VRay Lights. Stay tuned for a new version of the VRay Light Lister.


In somewhat related news, Autodesk announced 3D Studio Max 2008 (aka 3DSMax 10). Incorporated in it will be a new name-based scene explorer. It apparently replaces the Select / Hide / Freeze by name listers. It may also replace the Light Lister. Since I haven't been able to play with it yet, I don't know.


When I set out to rewrite the light lister tool for 3D Studio Max, I never imagined it would be so popular. But the growing community of VRay enthusiasts have embraced it heartily.


The latest version, 1.4, just hit the 2000 download mark. Of course it has been posted on other sites, and I moved things around a bit, so the real download number should be higher. Without records though, I can't verify any claim over the current total on this site.


Congratulations go out to Gabriel Silver for beeing the person to make the 2000th download. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded the script. Stay tuned for an updated version as newer releases of VRay are made!

J-AMFPHP v 0.3 is released!

Yes, that's right... I've fiinished reworking my mistakes in trying to integrate AMFPHP 1.9b2 and successfully branched the Discovery Service to be its own plugin rather than be installed by the core component. This helps fix some install/uninstall issues, as well as make the component actually useable.


Release Notes: 

This release is not backwards compatible with previous releases of J-AMFPHP. This release comes in two parts. The Core Component installs AMFPHP 1.9b2 and the Flash-based service browser. The second part, the Directory Service Plugin, allows the service browser to actually browse the AMFPHP services that are installed.

Both the component and the plugin must be installed for the Service Browser to work. This version incorporates some features planned for later releases that were deemed to be necessary earlier than anticipated. The roadmap has been updated to reflect this, and it explains why I'm skipping v 0.2



Wow, where to start...

First off, v.15 had unnoticed bugs. v.3 is refactored so that AMFPHP 1.9b2 is correctly integrated.

Second, the core AMFPHP Discovery Service has been forked to its own plugin.

Third, The AMFPHP "gateway" is now located at siteroot\amfphp\index.php - You'll want your Flash/Flex files to point to that. Example URL: I've also included support to allow you to use 'gateway.php' if you prefer. This mimmicks the behavior in the core AMFPHP setup and is probably what most examples use.


Check out the project page, or download it right away

J-AMFPHP v 0.3.2

AMFPHP is a library to expose object-oriented PHP methods and functions to Flash through a binary data stream similar to XML-RPC.

J-AMFPHP adds this functionality to Joomla and exposes the Joomla API to Flash developers.


So, the J-AMFPHP project is rolling along. After I started digging into it, I've run into a couple of things that will mean changes to the roadmap.


First of all, AMFPHP 1.9b2 is available. Its code structure and framework makes it much more suitable to incorporation in a project like Joomla. So, I decided to switch gears a bit and work towards 1.9b2 instead of 1.2.


Second, I've been in touch with one of the core developers of Joomla regarding how the XML-RPC plugin works. After discussing with him how it's integrated, I've found that it works in a manner that is very similar to how AMFPHP 1.9b2 works. That makes another reason to go for 1.9b2, as I should be able to model substantial parts of the code off the Joomla XML-RPC plugin.


So, in terms of roadmap changes:


Initially, I planned to have AMFPHP services be database hosted, and I figured I'd have to write a plugin framework to access them. That's no longer the case. Now they will be installed as plugins, just like the XML-RPC services are.
For a short time, I considered maintaining simultaneous releases for AMFPHP 1.2 and 1.9b2. This is no longer the case.
There are some bugs in the Joomla 1.5 install system that you realy don't want me to detail. I'm figuring out workarounds which have delayed core development. One of these workaround means the AMFPHP Service Lister service will not be included in the component install package. It will be installed seperately. This may also mean that the AMFPHP browser will be installed as a seperate component as well. We'll see.
For full details of roadmap changes, take a look at the project page on joomlacode

J-AMFPHP v 0.1

J-AMFPHP is a component for Joomla! 1.5 to add AMFPHP as a library. It is no longer available for download. Please use version 0.3.2


So I took the plunge and setup my first open-source code project.


Here's the idea:

Joomla! is a great Content Management Syste, it's the one that powers this site, as well as most of the sites I have developed. One of the sites I have developed with Joomla had a Flash interface in addition to the usual HTML interface. Developing that Flash interface was really a pain and a very one-off custom solution.


As part of the bridge between Flash and Joomla!, I used AMFPHP. Flash has hooks for a binary data transmission stream called Flash Remoting. It is normally only used between Flash and Cold Fusion servers (another Adobe product). It also is pretty much the only way of allowing Flash to interact directly with a server. AMFPHP is a beautiful solution that allows a developer to take advantage of Flash Remoting, but run it on top of PHP instead of relying on a Cold Fusion server.


So, as it stands today, the only way to integrate a Flash site with a Joomla backend is to use AMFPHP, and build all your own functions in PHP to allow Flash to call what it needs from Joomla.


What I am going to do, is develop a new project called J-AMFPHP. The goal of this project is to build a plugin for Joomla! that completely exposes the Joomla! API to Flash developers through the AMFPHP bridge. This way Flash/PHP developers don't have to keep reinventing every function between Flash and Joomla and instead focus on just the custom ones that they need.


J-AMFPHP project page on JoomlaCode