On-Demand Image Loading with JQuery

Q: How do you load up a bunch of images in a slideshow without causing long page load times?

A: Load the images on-demand. Here's an example of how to load images on demand when using JQuery Cycle to run a slideshow.

MooTools 1.2 is finally in Joomla!

I'm happy to say that my previous post about using a modern version of MooTools in Joomla no longer applies. With the latest update to Joomla (1.5.20) a new plugin was added, providing MooTools 1.2.4, with backwards compatibility for Joomla extensions that relied on MooTools 1.1. This update came just in time for me as I was updating a client's site from Joomla 1.0 and had a lot of Javascript to rewrite with new dependencies and conflicts to avoid.

For upgrade installs, this plugin is not enabled by default.

Custom User Login Block on Drupal 6 Zen sub-themes

I was trying to override the login block displayed on one of my Drupal sites and I kept running into a lot of trouble. No matter what functions I tried overriding in my template.php, nothing was displaying. All the tutorials I could find online didn't take into consideration the specifics of using a Zen subtheme. Hopefully my guide here will avoid this problem.

JQuery trick while we wait for IE 9

I was just wrapping up a new website, when to my <sarcasm>big suprise</sarcasm> I found that it was broken in Internet Explorer 8. After doing various tricks to optimize and troubleshoot the code, I discovered that one feature in particular was working just fine in IE7, but was throwing javascript errors in IE8.

I'm utilizing the JQuery plugin MapHighlight to generate a fancy border/highlight effect on an interactive floorplan feature. It turns out, that in IE8, Microsoft removed support for a wildcard selector when creating VML objects. Luckily, this was a relatively easy fix, as someone already did the tough work for us.

Here's how to apply the fix yourself:

Font Embedding

Following up on my previous discussions about font replacement and font embedding

Using MooTools 1.2 in Joomla

MooTools is on version 1.2.3 (after completely dropping 1.1.1 as the default about a year ago), and version 2.0 is expected before years' end. Joomla however, still is including 1.1.1 because of compatibility issues with various plugins. People have been asking how to safely replace the version of MooTools included. Since I've done this several times, I figured I'd share my method here.


Eastern Sierras in winter

Winter is coming soon, and that means snow at Mammoth, and that means skiing!

Continuing on the idea of font replacement, I've been experimenting a bit with using @font-face in CSS. Last week I quickly built a site for interior designers Alexandra and Michael Misczynski. I decided to use @font-face to provide an .otf font to those visitors with new browsers that can display it. I'm really trying to work the the idea of displaying an enhanced experience for newer browsers, instead of the previous thought of making the site look identical on as many browsers as possible.


I had just given up on using custom fonts for my client's website. I was adding some new features which meant implementing a drop-down menu system when much to my chagrin, I found out that the font-replacement methods I was employing would no longer work. Of course my client would be upset because the fonts being used (ones most people don't have installed) were specific to their brand, and images were out of the question. (What's the point of a content management system if you have to resave the content as images?) I had already delivered the bad news to my team and was getting ready to notify the client...

Dynamic Mondrian

In December '08, my employer KAA Design Group held an art show to showcase the work of its staff, family, and friends. My contribution was an interactive digital installation titled Dynamic Mondrian

Rounded Corners

So, the current bane of any web developer's existence is rounded corners on graphical elements. Every designer wants them, and from a coding standpoint, they're one of the most difficult tricks to pull off.