Anthony McLin

Another Ebay Sale

So, I have another Ebay sale for an Ikea Jerker Desk CPU Stand. Great for holding your computer to your desk; it probably works on other desks too since it has a bolt fastening system.

Check it out


New template going into effect. It's still a beta, but it should give a decent feel for the way the site design is going.

More in the World of Updates

Heads up! Changes ongoing. I promise it will get better.

Heller Holdings

I recently finished the coding for a small site but with some tricky functionality to the menu system.

Hawaii Photography

In August 2003, I took a trip with my family to Hawaii. Seven sun-filled days in beautiful Kuaii, and the opportunity for some more incredibly photography.


In August 2003, I spent seven sun-filled days in beautiful Hawaii (mostly on Kuaii). It was a wonderful chance to relax and shoot some absolutely breathtaking photography.


In March of 2003, just before the Iraq War, my brother and I traveled to London for a week. Just the two of us, rambling along to wherever we felt like going, beautiful weather, and no crowds, meant that we had an incredible opportunity to see the sights and dig into another culture. I didn't take many touristy photos, and instead decided to focus on capturing some powerful images and overall improving my photography skills. Here are the results.

NAE Photoshoot Wrapup

The NAE Photoshoot was a blast!

NAE Photo Shoot

Today I'm meeting up with the rest of News at Eleven for a photo shoot. We'll be taking photos for our new albumn at USC, Asylum Studios, and Buca di Beppo. Check back later for updates on how it went, plus maybee some teaser photos!

Peterson Wozniak Inc. (R2)

The design for has been changed. Visually similar to the original, but functionaly very different, this site presented a great opportunity to play with some code development to make display and updates easier.