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JQuery trick while we wait for IE 9

I was just wrapping up a new website, when to my <sarcasm>big suprise</sarcasm> I found that it was broken in Internet Explorer 8. After doing various tricks to optimize and troubleshoot the code, I discovered that one feature in particular was working just fine in IE7, but was throwing javascript errors in IE8.

I'm utilizing the JQuery plugin MapHighlight to generate a fancy border/highlight effect on an interactive floorplan feature. It turns out, that in IE8, Microsoft removed support for a wildcard selector when creating VML objects. Luckily, this was a relatively easy fix, as someone already did the tough work for us.

Here's how to apply the fix yourself:

Font Embedding

Following up on my previous discussions about font replacement and font embedding

The Wide World of Food

Cow Tongue Pastry

I love to travel, and I love to eat. Just before leaving on a trip to Hong Kong over Thanksgiving week I had the brilliant idea of documenting my travels through food. I quickly regestered a couple of domain names, and setup a WordPress installation with the intent of posting while traveling (it also gives me a great excuse to try out other content management systems). A busy schedule prevented us from making posts during the trip, but my wife and I took pictures of almost everything we ate. Check it out, and whet your jealous appetite:

bugs, bugs, bugs....

I recently found out that my site wasn't working properly in Internet Explorer. I have since rebuilt the background image functionality as a MooTools class (more on that in another post) and have fixed the issues that caused failures in IE. This means that visitors using Internet Explorer 7 and 8 can now properly view my portfolio and switch between the images. Sorry to those of you on Internet Explorer 6, but there are too many issues with IE 6 not supporting standards, so I'm cutting it off (according to my visitor statistics it's less than 6% of you anyways). Upgrade already!

Using MooTools 1.2 in Joomla

MooTools is on version 1.2.3 (after completely dropping 1.1.1 as the default about a year ago), and version 2.0 is expected before years' end. Joomla however, still is including 1.1.1 because of compatibility issues with various plugins. People have been asking how to safely replace the version of MooTools included. Since I've done this several times, I figured I'd share my method here.

Snow Leopard

Point Loma Lighthouse

So there's been lots and lots of chatter on the web as to whether Apple's newest OS - Snow Leopard (10.6) - is worth the $29 upgrade price. Well, for me it is. I installed the other day and am pleasantly satisfied. Sure, there's very very little in UI improvements, but the rewrite of the finder using Cocoa, and extended 64bit support throughout the system has resulted in a system that is much faster overall. Applications launch noticeably faster, Finder operations respond to user input quicker, and network home syncing is much more stable.

Aside from it breaking my Apache config (as just about every OSX update does) it's been a good update for me and well worth the inexpensive cost. And I like the fact that PPC support is completely dropped. Rosetta was a complete waste of system resources for the kind of work I do. Now if only Java was faster I could get back to some web development work in Eclipse....


Eastern Sierras in winter

Winter is coming soon, and that means snow at Mammoth, and that means skiing!

Continuing on the idea of font replacement, I've been experimenting a bit with using @font-face in CSS. Last week I quickly built a site for interior designers Alexandra and Michael Misczynski. I decided to use @font-face to provide an .otf font to those visitors with new browsers that can display it. I'm really trying to work the the idea of displaying an enhanced experience for newer browsers, instead of the previous thought of making the site look identical on as many browsers as possible.


I had just given up on using custom fonts for my client's website. I was adding some new features which meant implementing a drop-down menu system when much to my chagrin, I found out that the font-replacement methods I was employing would no longer work. Of course my client would be upset because the fonts being used (ones most people don't have installed) were specific to their brand, and images were out of the question. (What's the point of a content management system if you have to resave the content as images?) I had already delivered the bad news to my team and was getting ready to notify the client...

1st Time Home Buyers

My fiance and I have been trying to take advantage of this down market and have been searching for a home to buy in Los Angeles. Last week we put in an offer for a condo and the buyer has accepted! We're now officially in escrow and moving forward on having something to call our own!


I had heard great things about the independent video game Braid, so when it came out for OSX recently, I decided to give it a try. I haven't been diligent in keeping a Windows gaming rig up and running.