Anthony McLin

2001 Jetta Bumper

2001 Jetta Bumper Cover

2001 Jetta
Bumper Cover

About a year ago, someone with a truck or SUV backed into my car while it was parked outside of work.

Of course they didn't leave a note, and the damage was substantial.

The repairs at a body shop are quite expensive, but I've found that doing most of the work myself will save a lot of money.

I am purchasing the parts one at a time, and will take the ones that need to be painted to a body shop.

Then I will replace the damaged parts myself.

I already have the new replacement grill and VW emblem.

The bumper cover is one of the few parts I have left to get.

I have found that buying the parts aftermarket on EBay is less than half the cost of buying them from the dealer. 

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